Alex Easton MLA has expressed alarm at the amount of pollution incidents that have occurred at Ward Park.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am deeply alarmed that there have been 37 pollution incidents coming from the river flowing into Ward Park. This is truly a shocking figure revealed by my NI Assembly question to the DEARA Minister. It is more worrying because in 2016 there were zero incidents but over the last five years it seems to have gone through the roof. When we are meant to be dealing with climate change, and reducing pollution incidents and making a better environment for future generations we are see the opposite within our own area.”

“Do we know what has caused these incidents, because there have been two recent pollution incidents in Ward Park that I am aware of, are the sources of these pollution incidents being found and are those involved being prosecute. How do we expect fish to survive in our rivers and pounds which then just flow out into the sea causing more damage to the environment, how do we expect ducks and wild birds to stay in our park if there are is being regularly polluted. There need to be much more done by the Council and DEARA Department as we as a society can’t keep letting this happen, our residents deserve to have a pollution free experience when visiting Ward Park and not this continuous abuse of our rivers and wildlife.”