Alex Easton MLA calls on the Department of Infrastructure to tackle the weeds at the public alleyway at Westmorland Crescent.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I was rather shocked after going on a walk about in the area to identify the needs and to see the state of the weed growth along the public alleyways at the rear of the resident’s homes was a bit of a shock. This is totally unacceptable that these public pathways are allowed to get into such a state, obviously the Department of Infrastructure are failing in their duty of care to maintain the alley”

“I am today calling on the Department of Infrastructure to get their act together to remove these weeds either manually or by spraying. This is a safety mater as a resident could quite easily slip on the vegetation, I want the best for the residents of the area and I am determined that the Department for Infrastructure are held accountable and provide that.”