“Over a year ago I wrote to DFI warning about my concerns that an accident was waiting to happen at this very nursery on The Ballycrochan Road and Donaghadee Road, I ask for measures to be put in place to try and avert this.

DFI ignored my warnings and here today my warnings have come true. I am so relieved that nobody was hurt but I am alarmed that I was ignored and this is the second such accident. DFI need to look at measures to ensure the safety of the nursery and for a reduction of speed to be introduced to the Donaghadee Road coming down from the hill, I also pointed out that a road calming measure needs to be put in place at the Ballycrochan road end where the day nursery is located.

If nothing is done by DFI next time we may not be so lucky and with children involved, this must be a priority. DFI please listen and act on this we need measures in place and I have already written to DFI to remind them of my warning and ask them to take this seriously, I don’t want to see children injured or worse as it is only a meter of time before this will happen again.”