Alex Easton MLA has today blasted NIID over a letter sent out to residents and family of the home.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said.

“This is just beyond belief at a time when senior management should be trying to reassure staff and residents that they are doing all and that they are listening to their needs and trying to address them we find scare tactics being used NIID that they have incurred annual deficits and the accumulative total of this debt is around £1,900,000.00. Having looked at the overall picture for NIID it is clear they have over 5 million pounds in assets and are only running at a loss of just around £40,000 for the last financial year for NIID, this is just fantasy economics which is designed to scare residents and staff over their futures, and NIID should be ashamed of their actions.”

“I am also extremely concerned that the deal agreed with residents, family and staff by NIID has not been honoured, when it was agreed at a meeting before Christmas. This excellent facility can be turned round very quickly and there has been a distinct failure by NIID to engage properly and I believe it is time that the Trusties of NIID stop hiding behind management and show their faces and meet with me and explain what is going on and if they actually know what their management are doing. There has been a severe lack of openness and transparent shown by NIID to work with everyone to keep this excellent facility which second to none open.”