Alex Easton MLA and Councillor Wesley Irvine took matters into their own hands with help from Karen and Gary Sullivan and took to clearing a pathway of weeds.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“It was brought to our attention that pensioners were frightened of falling due to the state of the weeds, which were totally and unacceptably out of control. We have tried to get TNI to spray the weeds or remove the weeds and they wouldn’t due to costs. I could not live with my conscience knowing that some of the pensioners were frightened to go out their backs in case they fell, so we decided with the help of Councilor Wesley Irvine, Gary and Karen Sullivan do something about it.”

” This is not the end of the clearing as we still have a bit to finish but we are now thinking of getting a group of people together to see if we could do more alleyways within Rathgill. In my opinion it is about time TNI got their act together and got this mess sorted before someone falls”