Alex Easton MLA has called on all statutory Agency’s to take the Anti-Social Behaviour at the Ashbury SHOPS seriously after latest incidents.

Speaking today Alex Easton MAL said:

“The situation is both critical and urgent and I am calling on the PSNI, Council and Ashbury Shop owners to take action now before someone gets hurt. This situation at the Ashbury Shops cannot be allowed to continue. After reports of the latest outrage I called round to see the latest developments and was shocked to see the carnage that waited me.”

” I cannot understand if there was a security guard on site how the PSNI dont have someone to question or arrest for the latest mess which has seen dozens of broken bottles and recycling bins being upturned and rammed up against the shops. This has to be a priority for everyone to deal with, this is ruining people lives in the Ashbury area and it has to stop, so I am today calling on the PSNI, Council and Shops owners to do something now, not tomorrow or next week but now”!