Alex Easton MLA has expressed surprise and concern at the announcement by the SE Trust at the temporary closure of the Bangor minor Injuries unit at Bangor Hospital.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA.

“I am disturbed, surprised and concerned at the proposed temporary closure of the Bangor minor Injury’s Unit at Bangor Hospital because of the Corona Virus. While I understand there needs to be planning on how to tackle this virus and indeed the need to plan to cope with the pressures this virus will have on our Health System. I am surprised that the temporary closure of the Bangor minor Injury unit will have in helping with this. I feel that in my opinion this will add to the burden placed on the Accident and Emergency unit at the Ulster Hospital and will see a vital service that is much needed at Bangor being temporarily being moved to Newtownards which does not make sense due to the demographics of a much larger population in Bangor and also a much larger elderly population. While I fully support the all efforts to combat the virus I really hope that this decision is looked at again as it really does not make sense to me, and at such I will be asking the SE Trust to explain the rational as to why this makes sense.”