Alex Easton MLA is deeply shocked to hear the cost of removing graffiti from Housing Executive property across North Down, from an Assembly Written Question he submitted to the NI Assembly.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

This is deeply disturbing to see the amount of money that is being spent by the Housing Executive to remove graffiti from Housing Executive property’s across North Down over the last three years. I can never understand why there is a need to vandalise property with graffiti and it very frustrating for residents that have to put up with this nonsense. It is also the rate payers that have to pay the costs to remove this.”

“Unfortunately we do not have the true picture as yet to the total actual cost to the rate payers, as North Down Borough Council also removes graffiti right across the North Down, and I will be writing to NDBC to ask what the costs are to the Council. I believe that there should be tougher fines for those who engage in graffiti. and I would urge the public if you see graffiti being sprayed to report it to the Council or the PSNI. This is becoming very expensive to tackle and remove, and we must make sure that we have sufficient deterrents in place to ensure a zero tolerance policy.”


Alex Easton MLA

Phone – 07989325665

To ask the Minister for Social Development to detail the cost to the Housing Executive of removing graffiti from its properties in North Down, in each of the last three years.

The Housing Executive has advised that the cost of removing graffiti from its properties in North Down in each of the last three years was as follows:-
2011/12 £7,082.40
2012/13 £1,674.11
2013/14 £4,211.17

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