Alex Easton MLA has received a letter from the Chief Executive of the SE Trust over the closure of Bangor Minor Injuries over the weekend period.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

β€œI have been deeply concerned at the length of time that the Bangor Minor Injury Unit has been closed over the weekend period and have sought answers from the CE of the SE Trust. It appears the temporary closure is due to staff being off sick. The CE of the SE Trust has assured me that a recruitment process is in place to find the specialist nurses that are required for the Bangor Minor Injury Unit.”

β€œIt is vital that we get the Bangor Minor Injury Unity opened as soon as possible and I am deeply concerned that there is no date that can be given for the public to be aware they can attend at the weekend. I am calling on the CE of the SE Trust to speedily rectify this issue, so that the residents of Bangor can take minor aliments to the unit instead of taking them to the overcrowded Ulster Hospital and adding more pressure to the service.”