Alex Easton MLA expresses delight that TNI are to address road safety concerns at Bloomfield primary School at Ballyree Drive.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“There has been huge concerns about the safety of children coming in and out of school at the Ballyree entrance of Bloomfield primary school for some time with very little being done to address the situation. I am pleased that TNI have recognised that there is an issue at the corner of Ballyree drive and Primacy Park with cars parking on the corner and that they are to put in place double yellow lines. I am also pleased that TNI are to also highlight the entrance on Ballyree Drive with a “Keep Clear” and yellow zig zag markings and for the provision of dropped kerbs on both sides of the road to assist with the safety of crossing with white bar markings to keep the crossing free of parked cars. I am pleased the safety issues have been taken seriously by Transport NI and hope this will help the pupils and parents address their safety concerns.”