Alex Easton MLA and Councillor Wesley Irvine held a public meeting with the residents living in the pensioner’s bungalows and flats at Skipperstone Park, Avenue and Drive with the Council and the new Service provider for the residents.


Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:


“This public meeting was called by me as residents wanted to know what plans there were for the future of the residents in Skipperstone and to also allow the Council and the New Service provider a chance to get to know the residents but to also listen to their concerns about issue that needed addressed. With a substantial amount of the bungalows lying empty for some considerable time with no tenants, and with very little getting done to fix them or renovate them many questions were asked of the new service provider. Residents wanted to know what the long term plans are for the residents and the bungalows and flats are. There was a large turnout by residents who are becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of maintenance issues that were not being addressed in the past.”

“At the public meeting was the Environmental Health Officer from the Ards and North Down Council gave a commitment to look at the Asbestos pipe issues. I myself alongside Councillor Wesley Irvine will also be writing to the Service Provider with lists of repairs that were provided to us at the public meeting. The tenants of the area need to know what the future holds, and they need to have work carried out and see the other bungalows being brought back into circulation and for works and repairs to be done to their own homes.”

“The meeting was constructive in nature and the new service provider answered as many of the question that they could alongside the Council officers, the residents simple wanted reassurances for their long term future for their homes in Skipperstone Park, Avenue and Drive, and for repairs to be done because frankly the residents deserve to be better served than they have been getting in the past!”