Alex Easton MLA has reacted with concern with two recent house break-ins within the Ashbury area of Bangor.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am always concerned to hear of break-ins in the North Down area, and am deeply concerned to hear of two break-ins within the Ashbury area of Bangor. As the local Councillor for the area I would fully sympathize with those families affected by these break-ins which often make the victims of these awful crimes feel isolated and frightened to be in their own homes, which have been violated by those who perpetrate such evil deeds.”

“I would call for residents who fear burglaries within their area, to call the local PSNI who can give advice on how to protect your home, and can help set up neighbourhood watch areas for your area. It is important that residents report anything suspicious in their areas no matter how small or trivial it may appear, so that those involved in house burglaries can be caught and brought before the courts.”