Alex Easton MLA is today calling on action by Ards Council and the DSD department to do something to address the run down empty properties in Strand Avenue, Millisle.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“These properties’s having been left in a bad state of repair and are an eyesore for the residents of Millisle. I believe that they are beyond repair and need demolished. I am calling on Ards Council to inspect then for Health and Safety reasons to ensure in the first instance they are stable and do not pose a danger to anyone. Secondly I am calling on Ards Council and the Department for Social Development to see what can be done to take action to have them demolished and encourage the owners to do something that will improve the look of the area. It is a total disgrace that these properties have been allowed to get into such a state and the residents of Millisle deserve some action to fix these eyesores. Much is expected of the Village Plan and I can only hope that DSD and Ards Council can deliver for the residents living in Strand Avenue, Millisle.”