Alex Easton MLA has today called on Translink to get services back to normal levels and to stop using Covid as an excuse to save money.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“As I has suspected after many people coming to me to complain about bus services from Bangor this response to my NI Assembly questions clearly shows that 29 bus routes have not gone back to normal and as such denying people the chance o use Translink services. I have been inundated with complaints from parents about the school bus service from Donaghadee in the mornings and it clear to see why as there are four less buses going through Donaghadee to Bangor. If the services is not provide then people will not use it and it is a red herring to say that demand will increase and those services will be put back on the reality is they wont because this was about using Covid as a cover to cut services for the longer term and save money. I am today calling on Translink to put all services from Bangor station back to full capacity and to let the public have the choice they should have and are paying their rates for”

Alex Easton MLA


AQW 24261 /17-22 DATE FOR ANSWER: FRIDAY 29 OCTOBER 2021 Alex Easton MLA (North Down) To ask the Minister for Infrastructure (i) how many bus routes currently being served by the Bangor Translink bus depot have yet to return to full capacity; and (ii) to list these routes. ANSWER (i) During the Covid pandemic, Translink reduced service levels across Northern Ireland in line with passenger demand and in support of the government guidance on travel but ensuring connectivity throughout Northern Ireland was retained. Translink has been actively monitoring passenger numbers as Covid restrictions are relaxed and has been re-introducing services where demand has dictated. In this respect, there are currently a total of nine routes served by the Translink Bangor depot that have had a variation of service level from 2019. (ii) The list of routes is shown in the table Service Number Route 2019 Number of Return Trips 2021 Number of Return Trips Comments 502 Bangor to Belfast 22 15 302a Town Service to Towerview 14 13 302c Town Service to Bexley 14 12 302d Town Service to Rathgill 20 15 Route 302d and 302e linked to each other revised service 302e Town Service to Bloomfield 13 17 302f Town Service to Kilcooley 18 16 302g Town Service to Rathmore 11 9 3/3a/3d Bangor to Donaghadee/Ballywalter 19 17 3c Bangor to Ballywalter 2 0 3c route now covered between the 302a service and the 3 service 4 Bangor to Dundonald 5 4 Signed: ___________________________________________________________ NICHOLA MALLON MLA