Alex Easton MLA has called on both the DRD and the Housing Executive to create a proper footpath from Balligan Gardens, Kilcooley to the West Circular Road.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I have been approached by residents living in the area, who regularly use this well-worn and used dirt path to access from Balligan Gardens on to the West circular Road. This dirt path is widely used by local residents including the elderly and mothers with prams and young children, to access from Balligan Gardens onto the West Circular Road. I believe that the DRD and Housing Executive have a duty of care to agree to make this into a proper footpath. This is a short cut for many residents in Kilcooley as they otherwise have to walk a considerable distance to exit from Owenroe Drive. I believe this dirt path is dangerous especially when it rains and becomes muddy and slippery. It is now high time for both the DRD and Housing Executive to take this issue seriously, and look to put in a proper foot path for residents.”