Alex Easton MLA has today called for action over the amount of empty homes in Kilcooley.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“While I was walking around Kilcooley doing the delivering of the Electoral Registration leaflets, I was very surprised by the amount of empty Housing Executive property’s lying empty within Kilcooley. At a time when there are many people crying out for a home and are on the Housing Executives housing list, I was really very surprised at how many empty homes I came across.”

“There are at least a dozen houses and flats currently boarded up in Kilcooley, and I can only guess as to the level of empty property’s there are across North Down which I will contacting the Housing Executive to find out about. The Housing Executive need to put a short turnaround time limit on empty properties, so that we can move people into these properties as a matter of urgency. I do not want to see large amounts of empty property’s lying ideal when they can be in use. I am today calling on the Housing Executive to speed their processes to get these homes fit for purpose, so we can get people into homes and reduce the HE waiting list.”


By Alex Easton

Alex Easton