Alex Easton MLA has today blasted the Education Authority over the state of the old Cotton Primary Schools site and especially the abandoned port cabin.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“Despite numerous letters and attempts the Education Authority are letting the Cotton school site become a place for vandals and an absolute eyesore for the residents of the Cotton. The old port cabin is a disaster and health and safety hazard as it is rotting away and is going to collapse and the Education Authority are just sitting on their hand and do nothing about it. The old Cotton Primary School has been left empty for years it is a complete mess and has been vandalized and is unsightly. I do not understand why the site has been left derelict for so many years when it could have been used for some sort of community use. It is a crying shame that the place has gone to rack and ruin and it does not make any sense what so ever, for the Education Authority to be holding onto the site in this state. I am today calling on the Education Authority to do the right and decent thing by the residents of the Cotton and at least remove this port cabin to the dump and at least secure the rest of the site, they have failed the residents of the Cotton buy their indifference to the safety of the site. It’s time to do your job and fix this mess before someone is hurt with the dangerous state of the place.”