Alex Easton MLA has demanded answers as to why a broken streetlight was left abandoned at Kilcooley Square Bangor.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“Having been out identifying issues within the Kilcooley area to be fixed I came across a broken and abandoned street light lying at Kilcooley Square. The street light had been damaged by a joyrider some weeks before. I am deeply disappointed as to why the Street Light division of TNI had not been out to collect this broken street Light and to ensure that the electrics were in a safe and secure fashion. It is totally unacceptable just to leave this street light lying about as it could prove dangerous as anyone could trip over it in the dark. I have written to the street Light Division to have the street light removed and any new one installed as soon as possible. I would also ask that anyone with information as to who was responsible to report this to the PSNI as joyriding is dangerous and totally unacceptable.