Alex Easton MLA has today told Council and Transport NI to get real over parking in Bangor before they put struggling traders are put out of business.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am becoming increasingly angry at Council and TNI who are just not listening to the desperate cries from local businesses over parking issues in Bangor Town centre. Not only have we seen a reduction in on street parking spaces as a result of the public realms works we now have the added problems that loading bays have been created outside shops in Main street which if parked in will see drivers fined, this is the height of nonsense as these particular businesses all have loading bays at the back of their premises. I have convened a meeting with local businesses, Council and transport NI this week in the vain hope that they will listen and act before some local business are forced to close, it’s time to listen to business and act before it becomes too late.”