Alex Easton MLA has today accused the Education Authority of wasting tax payer’s money by holding on to the old Cotton Primary site which has been empty since 2014.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“It is truly staggering that the Education Authority has wasted £27,000 of tax payer’s money by holding onto the old Cotton Primary school site. This is just not right that this is being allowed to happen we have n old primary school site which has not been used for eras and has been allowed to decay and subjected to anti social behaviour and is just lying there to the elements and we the tax payers are paying for that to happen it is just not right and a complete waste of money. The Education Authority have claimed it may be used again in the future and is being retained by the Education Authority for potential alternative educational use by Children and Young People’s Services for Special Educational Needs Provision. But this has not happened and been the claim for years now and is unlikely to happen. The Education Authority either have to clear the site of the existing building and sell it or pump millions of pounds into fixing it up and being used, it’s time for the EA to make their minds up about the site it’s time to start respecting the residents of the Cotton who have put up with this for far too long.”