Alex Easton MLA has argued the report by The Comptroller & Auditor General did not give a total clean bill of health to NI Water over the controversial selling of Portavoe reservoir.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“NI Water has absolutely nothing to be proud off over the selling of Portavoe there were clear failings on the behalf of NI Water and are clearly identified in the report. There was a failure by NI Water to have a second evaluation were there may have been merit in considering a second, up to date, valuation to provide further assurances that the disposal value was satisfactory. There was a failure to by NI Water to ensure that fishing access and the responsibilities for the management of the trees on the site were secured properly as assess for fishing to the public is now been stopped.”

“It is quite clear in my mind that NI Water were outmanoeuvred and failed the public of North Down, they should have also ensured there was a public right of way secured so the public could have enjoyed access to the site and in my opinion should have challenged the court decision to allow the site to be sold to private individuals rather than the council. The damage is sadly done and I have fought this all the way for the residents of North Down I have to ask were the other politicians when they were needed to protect Portavoe for the public. At the end of the day NI Water have nothing to be proud off!”