Alex Easton MLA has branded as reprehensible the injuries to Police officers who were dealing with a crowd some 600-strong on Wednesday 10th August 2022 at Crawfordsburn.“There can be no excuse for behaviour that leads to those who serve all of us being injured in the course of fulfilling their duty to keep us all safe. My first thoughts are for those injured and right across North Down people will send their good wishes for a speedy recovery. Crawfordsburn stands as one of North Down’s unique assets and is rightly enjoyed by the vast majority who enjoy it responsibly. For those who abuse our PSNI, there must be a clear message that this will not be tolerated and such abhorrent behaviour merits a severe consequence.As I understand arrests have been made I will not comment further to allow the due course of investigation and due process to be followed. Suffice to say I will monitor this situation and will fully support the PSNI in any measure required to ensure there is no repetition.”