Alex Easton MLA has accused the SE Trust Management consultation process as a sham.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“Here are the fact and not many people know this, but the SE Trust already operate a Minor Injury Unity at the Ulster Hospital so ask why do they want to close the Ards and Bangor ones for one reason only to save money. It is claimed and said that Bangor is in urgent need of a Primary Care and Community Centre so why not build it first before they close both Minor Injury units, that makes sense. It is also worth noting that the SE Trust have already some time ago removed much of the Minor Injury Unit equipment and staff out of the Bangor unit sometime ago so there was never any intention to reopen the Bangor Minor Injury Unity after Covid, we have been misled! The final fact which demonstrates this is a sham consultation, is the fact there is one Public Meeting to be held in and several zoom meeting which are heavily restricted. The reality over 9000 people have so far signed the online petition and at least a further 9000 have so far signed the paper petition and are being ignored, it is my belief that the SE Trust is leaving themselves open to a judicial review and need to stop this nonsense before it’s too late.”