Alex Easton MLA has hit out at Royal Mail after businesses complain to him at the prices of redirecting mail charges.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am very disappointed by Royal Mail who appears to be charging businesses extortionate prices to have their mails redirected due to the Corona Virus. Some businesses have approached me to make me aware that they are being charged hundreds of pounds to have their mail redirected as they have had to close their business due to the Corona Virus and having to redirect mail to their homes.”

“I am shocked that such an institution as the Royal Mail can charge such amounts of money at this time of crisis. I can only say that at such a time during the Corona Virus crisis that nobody should be exploiting the situation to make more money at the expense of a struggling business, this is the time for fairness and for everyone to be working together to ensure that business are helped and not exploited. I have written to Royal Mail about their prices and expect to have positive and fair response back.”