Alex Easton MLA has had confirmation from the PSNI the Buzzard he found while out walking his dog which has been deliberately hung by its neck to a tree had poison in its system.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“The PSNI have come back to me on this case and it is confirmed that tests showed levels of rodenticides in the liver, which is basically rat poison. I have seen many unpleasant things in my life but to find a Bird of Prey hung deliberately by its neck while out walking is rather upsetting and shocking. A Buzzard is a bird of prey and is protected under the wildlife and Environment Act NI 1985. To find one being hung by the neck deliberately just off the Ulster Way is rather upsetting, twisted and sick, there are some sick people out there. It is belief that the bird was poisoned and these tests prove there is poison in the birds system, and then hung up to attract other birds of prey to feed from it and also die. We the public must be on guard in our attempts to stop those that would perpetrate cruelty to our wild animal and bird population and I would urge the public to report any incidents they see to the PSNI immediately. “

The PSNI crime Ref number is 695/19/11/22