Alex Easton MLA has accused NI Water of making a mess of the coastal paths for works done at Bromton to Stricklands Glen.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“It’s simple these government bodies do not care about the damage or mess they create as long as they do their job to install the infrastructure. Everyone knows the importance that the coastal path splays in our lives and the special nature of the path and when you see firsthand the destruction and lack of awareness about our environment and the importance of the coastal path it just frustrates me that NI Water can’t just put the coastal path back the way they left it without destruction and making a mess. The Council is also not getting off with this either they should know the strength of feeling the public have for the path and local wildlife and special nature of the environment and should have and should be holding NI Water to account well before I felt the need to write to them. I am glad to hear the path will not be left in the current state as per an email from Council however words and just words especially from this council and I need to see action, make NI Water put it right.”