Alex Easton has today pledged his support for older people and called for a NEW Senior Citizens Charter

Speaking today he said:

“It is important that we put senior citizens at the top of our agenda, I have been to the forefront in protecting the rights of the elderly, recognising that many are active and healthy participants within our society. This participation should be enhanced, encouraged and developed. I also recognise that may need specialist care and attention which have often been denied to them.

Older people constitute a significant proportion of our society in Northern Ireland with the over 60s now making up 20% of the entire population of Northern Ireland. I believe that older people within our society deserve to have many aspects of their lives reassessed to meet their changing needs and be afforded respect, instead of being demeaned as they have been in the past. I believe that older people should be allowed to continue to enjoy an active and full life in comfort and security. I believe that it is important that older people are not discriminated against on the grounds of age but are enabled through positive action to participate actively in society and their local community. It is for these reasons that I would propose and campaign to have a New Citizens Charter to protect the elderly to look after and protect the interests of the elderly. A substantial increase in the size of the basic state pension by Westminster to make up for the increased cost of living. I would also call for the Warm Home Scheme to be advanced and improved and ensure that all pensions are able to apply for such a scheme. The introduction of Free Personal and Nursing Care similar to that for the elderly in Scotland. I am also deeply concerned with the explosion in crime and the impact that has on older people. I believe that attacks on isolated and vulnerable older people should be tackled more seriously with stiffer sentences to deter would-be thugs and attackers. I would pledge myself to a new senior Citizens Charter that if implemented would see

The provision of Free Personal and Nursing Care
That older people can claim all benefits to which they are entitled
Ensuring that older people feel safe in their homes with a crime lockout scheme
The delivery of a substantial increase in the State Pension by Westminster
The delivery of Free TV Licences to all aged over 65

I firmly believe that with a new Senior Citizens charter we can see the effective delivery and a fairer deal for older people.