The Health Minister Edwin Potts and Alex Easton MLA in his position as Assembly Private Secretary to the Health Minister visited Bangor Fire Station with Councillor Wesley Irvine and Terry Malcolm today.

Speaking to day Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am delighted that the Health Minister has taken time out of his busy work schedule to visit Bangor Fire Station to show we care and value the work they do, but to also listen to concerns that the fire staff may have.”

“We were interested to hear about concerns on the Fire Service pension plans being forced on the fire service by the Westminster Government which will see staff having to retire at 60 instead of the current age of 55 which could cause problems for staff which needs to be addressed. The Health Minister was keen to listen and try to address concerns by actively working to try and address the issue through the Westminster Government.”

“The Health Minister and I also took time out to take part in some of the training activities such as climbing the training tower and also wheeling out the fire hoses, which was really quite hard work and demonstrated to us just how much work and effort is needed to be in the fire service.”

“I would finally like to say how interesting the visit was, and would like the opportunity to say how much I appreciate the work the Fire Men and Women do for us in North Down and right across Northern Ireland, and know how important it is to show our appreciation for the important role they play in our community.”