Alex Easton Independent Unionist MLA has asked the question of Stephen Farry MP for North Down, have you got nothing better to do with your time than take part in debates about Irish Unity.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“Stephen Farry Alliance MP for North Down represents a constituency where the vast majority of the constituency support the Union and staying in the Union, they do not want a border poll and they do not want or support a United Ireland. So it begs the question as to why our MP continually is getting embroiled and getting into discussions about Irish unity and Border Polls and a United Ireland.

Has our MP not realised he represents North Down and we do not want or support a United Ireland. I must question why he feels the need to get involved in these discussions, has he not got better things to do like representing his constituents in North Down on issues such as health, education, and job creation. Policing. One really has to wonder what the real agenda is from our MP because it’s out of step with the vast majority of the North Down population. It appears clear to me that our MP supports a United Ireland and is pushing for one by attending these discussions and all it is achieving is to cause fear and division.”