The Groomsport Remembrance day Committee has started a public consultation with residents of Groomsport over proposals on the refurbishment of the Groomsport War Memorial.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said on behalf of the Committee:

“We as a committee have the best interest of the Groomsport War Memorial at heart. As a committee we are keen to ensure the Groomsport War memorial is kept to the highest standard possible to preserve it for generations to come.”

“As a commmittee we feel the Groomsport War Memorial is in need of restoration which is why we have been exploring how the Groomsport War Memorial looked in years gone by. In order for the works to be done we will be working in partnership with North Down Borough Council with a view to apply for funding from the lottery for the restoration of the Groomsport War memorial. As part of that process we will consult with residents with a public consolation starting on Monday the 9th of June and ending on the 20th of June to see if the residents of Groomsport like the proposals presented to them.”

“We would urge the residents of Groomsport to take part in the consultation which will see them delivered through 550 doors with the plans. If the consultation goes well North Down Borough council will help with the application for funding and bring us mush further forward with the project, but it is vital that the Groomsport residents show their support for the proposals. The results of the consultation will be made public and shown to the Council.”