Alex Easton MLA has today referred to a Northern Ireland Assembly Question which details the amount of visits the infrastructure minister has made to each constituency since being put into office and proves the lack of interest in North Down by the Infrastructure Minister.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA:

“I have long claimed that the Infrastructure Minister is not interested in North Down needs for its road network, these figures demonstrate that sine in office the Minister has been to visit North Down in an official capacity once but in her own constituency of North Belfast she has managed to do an amazing 17 visits in this period, the figures also reveal that in the neighbouring constituency of South Belfast she has managed an amazing 9 visits which as we know has an SDLP MP. Why is North Down the second lowest constituency which is only worthy of one constituency visit despite repeated attempts and requests by myself for the Infrastructure minister to visit Millisle, William Street in Donaghadee, the Allen Family whose daughter who was knocked down at the Cotton, to see the devastation left by BT and Virgin to our footpaths and many more with the same result by the Minister excuse after excuse. Why wont the Minister come to North Down, one has to ask the question is there no votes in it for her party, because I can see no other rational explanation for this behaviour? I will continue to hold the Infrastructure minister to account for the least amount of funding for our roads infrastructure and the lack of interest in North Down”