Alex Easton MLA has warned of the dangers at the latest game were young people are jumping out onto the roads and taking selfies of themselves and the oncoming car.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“This is very dangerous and silly that any young persons are doing this, not only are they putting their own life at risk they are also causing immense stress to the driver. I have been contacted by a constituency who was driving along the Rathgael Road yesterday, and had just passed the petrol station at Rathgael and she saw 2 girls on the left-hand footpath and 1 on the right” (she was heading towards the roundabout).

“As she was just about to pass them one of the girls standing on the right jumped out in front of her and took a selfie on her mobile. This is highly irresponsible and the girl could have been killed, the message is don’t mess with cars! I understand this incident was reported to the PSNI who are looking into the incident. This is not the type of game anyone wants to be involved with, it only takes someone to trip or for someone to get the timing wrong and they will be hit by the car. I urge young people not to be dragged into this type of game as someone will pay a heavy price for doing so.”