Alex Easton MLA has expressed safety concerns for wild deer and car users on the Rathgael Road, Bangor.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I have been approached by residents about the safety of wild deer at the current road works be currently carried out on the Rathgael Road, Bangor. As part of these necessary road works, the boundary fence and hedging at Clandeboye estate along part of the Rathgael Road have been taken away and concern has been expressed that there is easy access for wild deer from Clandeboye Estate to get onto the Rathgael Road. There is a real fear that an animal will be injured and cars damaged if a collision occurs. I would urge TNI to take immediate action to reinstall fencing and hedging to remove this threat to the deer population and ensure the safety of drivers. It is of the utmost important that this issue is addressed as the road works continue, for the safety of drivers and the wild deer population living at Clandeboye Estate!”