Alex Easton has taken time to visit two elderly residents living in Rathgill Grove who have had their homes broken into.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I have taken time to call out with Karen Sullivan the local community worker to hear about the concerns of two elderly residents who have had their homes broken into. What I find particularly concerning is that on elderly resident was at home when masked individuals broke into their home and searched the property looking for drugs. The other incident happened when an elderly man was out of their home and came back to find his home broken into.”

“Both these elderly pensioners have been left traumatized by these incidents and are now living in fear within the Rathgill community. It is not right, that our most vulnerable in society have been targeted and treated in this appalling manor. I would say to those involved would you want your grandparents to be treated in his way. It is important that as a community that we are look after our elderly and report anything suspicious to the PSNI. It is vital that the PSNI do all they can to catch those involved as a matter of urgency these are terrible incidents and those involved are not wanted in our community.”