Alex Easton MLA is to hold Bangor Provident Trust to account after receiving a letter giving assurances over a Cyclical and Maintenance programme for the Pensioners Bungalows at Skipperstone Avenue and Skipperstone Drive, Bangor.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“For many years the residents living at Skipperstone Avenue and Skipperstone Drive have had to put up with a lot of issues in regards to geting basic maintenance issue done by Bangor Provident Trust. I understand that there have been problems with internal issues, but I have now spoken and received a letter to give assurance to the residents that everything has now been sorted out and that Banger Provident Trust have plans now in place for the Autumn to do surveys of all the property’s with investment to take place to do Cyclical and Major Maintenance programs to their homes”.

“There was also an acknowledgement by Bangor Provident Trust that this period of uncertainty has caused a lot of concerns for residents. I will continue to monitor the situation, and will be holding Bangor Provident Trust to account if there is not the fulfilment of the assurances given to me both by phone and by letter. The residents deserve to have their property’s brought up to a modern and decent standard and lets hoper Bangor Provident Trust keep to their commitments.”