Alex Easton MLA and his colleague Councillor Wesley Irvine have today called for a Muga Pitch to be built for Conlig.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said;

“There is no doubt there is a gap in facility’s for young people to have something to do in Conlig. While there is a Play Park, which only caters for the youngest of children there is little for older teenagers. In order to close that gap between our younger people a Muga Pitches should be looked at and costed and built by the Council for our young people to have a place to go in an enclosed Muga facility, and give the young people a focus and a place to go with their friends to play football or Basketball in a secure environment in a location that is agreeable to the residents of the area. I can only hope that the council look at this idea and that proposal can be brought to Council and taken forward.”

Speaking today Councillor Wesley Irvine said;

“Far too often the Council caters for the youngest of our children and miss out on doing something for the older children, I think Conlig is a classic example of this were the older kids don’t have anything to do and I think it is time for Council to take this into consideration when providing facility’s for the future.”