Councillor Alex Easton MLA is deeply saddened at having to leave North Down Borough Council after 13 long years’ service as a Councillor for the Ballyholme and Groomsport area.

Speaking today Councillor Alex Easton MLA said:

“This is deeply saddening for me that I have to leave Council especially when you don’t want to. I would like to thank all the residents who had elected me for the last three Council elections which have seen me top the poll at the last Council election in which I am deeply indebted and grateful to them for having the trust and faith to have elected me, I would congratulate my replacement Terry Malcolm and believe he will do a first class job for the residents of North Down.”

“I hope that I will be remembered kindly as a Councillor for the area and believe that I made a positive difference to people’s lives across North Down. I have always been somewhat of a free spirit and believe in putting the people first, my job was a job to serve and put the people first even if it meant me getting into trouble for doing what I believe to be right!”

“At North Down Borough Council I submitted 88 Notice of Motion, which I believe helped to deliver for the residents of the Borough, these included new play grounds for Bloomfield,Rathgill and Conlig. I also proposed the Freedom of the Borough for the Territorial Army and a Home Coming Parade in Holywood for the Mercian Regiment which were highlights for me. Other proposals have seen pedestrian crossings for the Bloomfield and Balloo Roads, Groomsport Village being declared under BMap am area of Village Scape Character, CCTV for Holywood, Community Festival grants to celebrate the Protest Culture during the 12th,an Anti-Social behaviour Team, Dog Fouling bins for our parks and beach areas., are to name just a few.”

“I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff at North Down Borough Council for their help over the years, a big thank you to the resident that voted for me in the Ballyholme & Groomsport area, and a big thank you to my family for their support over the years. While this is a sad and emotional period for me I will continue on with my role as their MLA and I would reassure the residents of North Down that I will still continue to represent them to the best of my ability as I belong to them as long as they want me to!”