Alex Easton MLA calls on DFI to tackle the on-going weed growth problem at Woodlands, Holywood, footpaths.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“When you find a public path hidden by weed growth then you recognize there is a serious issue of weed growth on the footpaths in the area, what is more alarming it has happened in Woodlands, Holywood which is were pensioners living in Bungalows are living.”

“If you like me and are concerned at the lack of weed spraying being carried out by DFI then one weed spray during the summer is not enough, and action needs to be taken by DFI.”

The shocking thing was that we actually found a footpath that has been hidden with weed and growth growth. I do hope DFI will take this issue seriously as we can have pensioners or anyone else slipping on the footpath and take action to remove this and make the path visible, and hopefully ensure this path is not allowed to get into this state again.”