Alex Easton MLA has today slammed the Education Authority for in action over the condition of Bright Sparks pre schools building which is now forced to close the building.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

The Education Authority have a lot to answer for as the building Bright Sparks are currently on has had to close on health and safety grounds and is a building they own. I am extremely angry as the EA have know about this for several years and I have attended two meeting with them and the chair of the Bright Sparks board and the EA have done nothing but sit on their hands, it is also deeply embarrassing for the Education Authority that the Education Minister visited Bright Sparks no later than last Wednesday and has made a commitment to do all he could to try and help and the next day it has been plunged into this crisis not of their making. There are over 20 children attending Bright Sparks and is a feeder pre school for Crawfordsburn Primary school. I no there are efforts being made by the Pre School to put other options in place and I will do all I can to help, the the Education Authority have a lot to answer for for this”