Alex Easton Independent Unionist MLA has welcomed the news that Bexley Road is to have its road and footpaths resurfaced.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am delighted to see that the work is now been carried out by Transport NI at the Bexley Road, Bangor area to resurface the road and footpaths. For far too long the areas have needed their footpaths and road resurfaced, this has taken years of campaigning to get the Bexley Road resurfaced. The residents have had to put up with the terrible condition of the road and footpaths for far too long, and I am delighted that Transport NI has recognized the urgent need to take action to address this and that the work has now been started which has improved the look of the area which has been subjected to a sub standard road surface full of pot holes for years now, so this is deeply welcomed the work will take three weeks to be completed.”