Alex Easton MLA has today welcomed the decision by Council to take responsibility for the maintenance for the new proposed play park for the new Rathgill Development currently being built by FOLD.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am delighted that the Council have agreed to the maintenance of the proposed new play park for the new development of 200 houses at Rathgill, after a meeting that I had arranged between Council and FOLD to see what could be practically agreed between the Council and FOLD on the issue. At this meeting it was agreed that a conventional play park was not needed in the area, however a specialist dedicated equipment for children with complex needs was needed. I am delighted that Council have seen fit to agree to the maintenance for the long term future and it offers a play park for local residents for the new development, but also for those with complex needs which will be unique in the Bangor area, the new play park will also be fenced in.”