Alex Easton MLA has today emphasized how we are all in this battle to defeat Corona Virus together.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“This is no longer about one’s self, as our world is rapidly changing around us; we must all face up to the reality that we are in this battle together, a battle to save lives. Only by strong leadership, listening to the Government and Health Experts and following the guidance, are we going to defeat the Corona Virus together. There is no time for Green or Orange politics there is no time for arguments, there is only time to try and save as many lives as possible and collectively working as one people together. We must do everything humanly possible together as one people to help our Health Service and our courage health staff, ensuring they are given full support and all equipment they need.”

“We must ensure that all our businesses and their staff our protected so that when we come out the other side of this we are ready for our economy and lives to rebound. It is why there are huge measures being put together by Westminster and the NI Assembly to help struggling businesses and families. I want all businesses and those needing help to access benefits to take note of what is currently available, and going to be available so that we can get that help out to them as quickly as possible.”

“The Chancellor announced packages which bring over six hundred million pounds of new money into the NI Assembly budget. The Executive will give all businesses a three-month rates holiday but we are working to extend this to twelve months. For many small businesses this, combined with an immediate grant of £10,000 for businesses qualifying for small business rates relief and a £25,000 grant payment for qualifying businesses with a rateable value of less than £51,000, will be an initial help this will be through HMRC so follow their website for information.”

“We will see support for people’s incomes and support jobs. Government will help to support wages through HMRC through grants of up to £2500 per month depending on salary for every worker or 80% of their salary income.”

“Those who are in self-employment must not be forgotten and we are pushing Westminster to ensure that they are also looked after.”

“I myself will keep my office open and people can contact me by phone or email and social media. To help us all please take note of the available help and contact the appropriate Departments, it is vital we take note of all help and act, the more we act now the more lives we save and the more jobs. Our lives are about to change forever and things will not be the same, so let’s be kind, patient and care for our family’s and loved ones and ensure we as a society beat this together”