ALEX EASTON MLA and his colleague Councillor Wesley Irvine took time out on the 11th day to visit and take part in seven community festivals across Bangor and Holywood.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“ It was a great day and a privilege to visit all the community festivals laid on to celebrate the 12th of July celebrations, together with my colleague Councillor Irvine we visited seven community festivals at the Strand in Holywood, Conlig, Beezemount, Rathgill, Bloomfield,Whitehill and Churchill.”

“These community festivals help to bring the community together to help celebrate and enjoy their culture in a family way with facilities laid on for the children and food and music for all. The weather was fantastic which also helped to add to the great day, it was a pleasure to be there with my colleagues and we only wish we had more time to have visited even more.”