Alex Easton MLA has expressed an opinion that the new Council should follow up on its expression of interest and take over the Craigantlet, Conlig and Portavoe reservoirs.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I have for a long time expressed the opinion that the New Council should take over the ownership of Craigantlet, Conlig and Portavoe reservoirs from DRD. I believe that the potential for North Down to preserve and increase tourism as well as continue the excellent fishing opportunity are vital for the local community. I firmly believe that failure by the New Council to deliver these into the hands of the rate payers of the new Council will be a missed opportunity, and one which if potential sold to a private firm or developer would see these assets lost forever.”

“I understand the new Council is to take this forward in 2015, and I would urge all Councillors to take this mater very seriously, and ensure these three stunning reservoirs at Craigantlet, Conlig and Portavoe stay where they belong in the ownership of the people of North Down.”