Alex Easton MLA has today called on Ards & North Down Council to speed the process up for the development of the Sports Hub for Donaghadee.


Alex Easton MLA said:


“I have been involved in this process for five long years and all the sports clubs in Donaghadee have joined together to work towards building a sports Hub to move all the sports together into a fit for purpose facility second to none across the borough.”

“However despite five long years of doing everything that has been asked of the clubs, including designs, business cases and locations and identifying the needs there seems to be a lack of will to take the project to the final stage. I would warn the council that Donaghade has done without proper sport facility’s and investment in sports for decades and I would find it very annoying if excuses and the lack of will to finish this project are made time and time again. The Council has all the information, it time for a decision to be made to go forward with buying land, and planning permission and moving forward!”

“This potentially is a game changer for sports facilities within Donaghadee, all the clubs are determined to work together as one and build good positive working relations with Ards & North Down Council but time is moving on and we are all getting frustrated at the lack of movement.”