Alex Easton MLA has today urged Ards and North Down Council o reject NI Waters retrospective planning permission to erect a huge fence around Seacourt pumping station.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I think that once again it is disgraceful that we see a Government body erecting a fence retrospectively without planning permission and without any community consultation. We then have the situation that Northern Ireland Water have visually helped to ruin the coastal path at Seacourt with an eye sore then to be told they want to now to erect a bigger fence that will be an even bigger eye sore. There has never been an issue of accidents or safety or anti social behaviour at this site so why the need to build an eyesore and why break the rules and they try to put in for retrospective planning permission, Someone has slipped up badly in NI Water and I would urge the Council to take a firm decision that Government bodies can’t just break the rules and expect Council to roll over an allow this eyesore.”