Alex Easton MLA to oppose Translink’s path closure proposals running between Bangor Bus and Rail Centre and Windsor Gardens and Manse Road/Brunswick Road.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am surprised to hear of the plans to close this pathway; I have never had a complaint about anti social behaviour along this path and was surprised to hear this, because if anyone was ever going to receive a complaint it would be me. This pathway has been there since I was born and before that and is regularly used by those that use the train service and I am baffled as to why the plans to close it. I have been contacted by several residents who use this path and I will write to Translink and ask for it to remain open, and if there are issues with Anti Social behaviour then it is up to the PSNI and Council Anti Social Behaviour team to deal with it. I suspect Translink’s real motive is they don’t want to spend the money maintaining the path.”