Alex Easton MLA was deeply disturbed to find a dead Buzzard deliberately hung by its neck to a tree while out walking in the countryside.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I have seen many unpleasant things in my life but to find a Bird of Prey hung deliberately by its neck while out walking is rather upsetting and shocking. A Buzzard is a bird of prey and is protected under the wildlife and Environment Act NI 1985. To find one being hung by the neck deliberately just off the Ulster Way is rather upsetting, twisted and sick, there are some sick people out there. This has been reported to the PSNI as a wildlife crime, and who were out doing a forensic investigation and taking the bird away for testing. It is believed the bird was poisoned and then hung up to attract other birds of prey to feed from it and also die, but obviously we need to let them investigate the matter.

The PSNI crime Ref number is 695/19/11/22