Alex Easton MLA was shocked to discover that in this day and age that there are still small number cases of malnutrition amongst children being recorded in Northern Ireland.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“This is very upsetting to discover that there are a small number of cases of malnutrican recorded amongst some of our children. I was saddened to hear this and there can be many reasons behind this statistic. However in a society that we have there should not be any cases of malnutrition and I feel that as a society we should be aiming to make sure that all our children are fed, clothed, Educated and have a home. To have anything less then we as a society and politicians have failed. “

“If a family is struggling then please seek out help, there is nothing to be ashamed of needing help and asking for it, even I need help with issues in life and want to help anyone who is struggling with not having enough food, together we must eradicate malnutrican amongst our society and help each other.”