Alex Easton MLA has called on the Health Minister to ensure that the Covid 19 Vaccination must be voluntary, but that North Down also needs to be ready to roll out the vaccination quickly and safely so we can all return to a normal life.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I will myself be getting the vaccination once it is my turn to do so, it is a voluntary choice as I which to protect my family and elderly parents in particular. We can all agree that the recent news about a number of different vaccines being developed is extremely positive news, and gives us all hope of a return to normality in the near future. The rollout of vaccines is going to be on a scale we have never seen before, it is my view that thorough preparation must start now.”

“A clear action plan must be developed in order to achieve a successful rollout. On the delivery of the vaccine, it is obvious that current staffing levels will not be enough to cater for the demand that we will see for this vaccine. Another important aspect of this issue is the prioritization of the vaccine. I understand that the JCVI has released a draft priority list to receive the vaccine, with care home residents and staff rightly at the top, followed by health and social care workers and those over the age of 80. “

“I want to know from the Health Minister what suitable venues such as leisure centers or church halls have been identified as potential mass vaccine across North Down. I would also ask for the Health Minister for clear confirmation that the vaccine will be voluntary and those who don’t wish to partake do not have too, this is important it must be a voluntary choice for each individual.

I want to make it clear to the Health Minister that we needs clear answers, I want the funding in place now to role this out, I want hundreds of trained people ready to role this out and I don’t want to see excuses or delays or cock-up’s, let’s get this done and get back to a normal life but we need clear answers and it must be voluntary.”